One Stop Solution

ATS is a One Stop CRM Solution and Unified Platform to automate the entire business operations of Teleshopping and Ecommerce Industry. ATS CRM will ensure that your Teleshopping Agent is successfully able to capture orders from customers and visualise 360 degree customer data including their history in single screen. Orders will swiftly progress in CRM right from warehouse shipping to customer care where refunds and replacements can be effectively handled.

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Logistics Integration

ATS CRM has been successfully integrated with more than 20 major courier partners such as FEDEX, BLUEDART etc. and the list is growing constantly giving us an edge. CRM is enabled with forward and reverse integrations which increases the efficiency and serviceability in business. These integrations enable a real time tracking which improves the delivery ratio and customer satisfaction.

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E-Commerce Integration

ATS CRM is a blended solution and if integrated with Ecommerce Applications, proves to be a great solution for managing entire backend operations. Orders seamlessly flow into the CRM in real time and thereafter CRM will facilitate the complete order processing through sophisticated workflows.

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Dialer Integration

ATS CRM has successfully integrated with most of the major Dialer systems across the country. Our team has an expertise to integrate and maximize the integration benefits.

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Intelligent and Efficient Workflows

ATS CRM has been designed as a Vertical Solution for Teleshopping and Ecommerce industries. The team of experts have designed the solution with an idea to address the business challenges using technology. The system comes pre-loaded with mappings and intelligent logic to minimize the operational overheads and supports scalability.

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Analytics and Reporting

The industry is dynamic in nature and needs to adapt to frequent changes. ATS CRM comes in handy as a solution with strong analytics and reporting available for better decision making. The suite of reports and dashboards give complete control and information on what’s happening in the business.

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