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Key Questions to Ask before purchasing a CRM System specially for Teleshopping and E-Commerce Business –

1. How closely knit and ready it is for teleshopping and ecommerce industry? 2. What Percentage of Business will be automated with this CRM Software? 3. Will this software give your users the personalised experience of the industry that they are used to? 4. Is this CRM System inline with your business flow and process? 5. How much hastle it would be to change this software for your changing business needs? 6. Will this CRM Software improvise your current business and bring in additional value? 7. Will your business need multiple systems to be stitched with this CRM software? 8. For teleshopping industries, how easy it is for this CRM system to be integrated with Dialers, Couriers etc. 9. For an industry with both ecommerce or teleshopping operations, how seamless, it is to unify and consolidate inventory and operations with this CRM. 10. How much Analytics and Report Building will be required? 11. How much will it cost me for future enhancements and the feasibility with this CRM? 12. Most importantly, does the CRM Software Provider have expertise and experience in implementing solutions for your industry?

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Key Reasons to Invest in a Vertical CRM Software System for Teleshopping or E-Commerce Business

Customer Relations and Customer Data Tracking lies at the heart of any successful Teleshopping and Ecommerce business. To be able to receive repeated business from the customers certainly defines how strong your customer relationship is. Customer Acquisition comes at a cost and ability to utilise the customer data to maximize the revenue can certainly be a game changer in the business. Sometimes the inability to manage volumes of customer/client data can limit you from giving your customers the personalized attention they need. Without a doubt, so many companies today are investing in customer relationship management (CRM) software. Market has a range of generic CRM Software systems which come with a big brand name and features rich functionality.But are these generic CRM really worthy for your business? On the other hand, companies can look out for a vertical or a domain specific solution. Teleshopping and ECommerce companies can explore a CRM Software which is tailored and blended for their industry. Advantages of vertical/domain specific CRM solutions: 1. A Vertical CRM System provides an All-in-One system and most of your business requirement is covered. 2. A Vertical CRM System is usually closely packed and will minimize your software integration needs with other internal point systems. 3. A Vertical CRM System will help you provide Better Customer Service with the inbuilt and seamless customer care system. 4. A Vertical CRM System will give you value addition with the features that you were always missing on because of technology limitations. 5. A Vertical CRM System will help your departments stay connected in real time and easy to build cross functionalities. 6. A vertical CRM System provides a Significant ROI over generic CRM systems. 7. The CRM Users find it easier to adapt a Software Solution made for their specific business domain. 8. A Vertical CRM System usually has a Lower Cost of future enhancements. 9. A Vertical CRM System Provider will have a team with domain expertise and can bring in a lots of value with the current and future solutions. They will understand and talk in your business language. 10.A Good Vertical Solution will have a ready to use Analytics and Reporting which will give you much better view of your business.

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